e're fortunate in Southeast Missouri to have access to a variety of events, whether we choose to be participants or spectators.

Our public and private schools provide competition for much of the year, along with the chance to cheer on our families and friends. Four colleges and more than 90 high schools compete for titles and championships every year in more than a dozen different sports. The warm gymnasiums, the fall stadiums, and the springtime ballparks always a cozy seat.

Our modern indoor arenas provide a variety of traveling competitions. Whether it's a rodeo or motocross, they keep us on the edge of our seat with popcorn and a cold drink in hand.

And our outdoors offers the best of America, from the flat terrain of the Bootheel to the steep Ozark Foothills to the creeks and lakes streaming from the Missississippi River. You won't find a better place for hunting, fishing, cycling, running, or racing.

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The open-wheel modified division competed for the first time in Southeast Missouri in 1992 at Caruthersville Speedway with limited success. In the years since, it's grown into one of the most popular classes of cars in the nation, including at the former Malden Speedway, pictured in 2011.

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American Legion • Several teams across Southeast Missouri compete in the AAA division — or senior division — of the American Legion's nationwide baseball league. The organization has sponsored summer baseball since 1925. Among the Southeast Missouri teams are DeSoto, Festus, Jackson, Mineral Area, Perryville, Potosi, and Sainte Genevieve. Several more Southeast Missouri teams compete in the junior division.

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Babe Ruth • Several Southeast Missouri teams divided into four districts compete in the Babe Ruth League senior division for ages 16-18, including Charleston and Dexter. The league is based in Lawrence Township, N.J.

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Combat sports

Several groups hold MMA-style events throughout Southeast Missouri sanctioned through a variety of organizations. Two groups are based in Southeast Missouri and regularly compete in Cape Girardeau, Dexter, and Sikeston, among other locations.

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The annual Tour de Sainte Genevieve cycling race (pictured) is among a handful of events scheduled each year across the area. The Missouri Bicycle Racing Association and the Missouri Mountain Bike Series sanction competitive events in the area, Southeast offers its own cycling club sport for students, and events such as Velo Girardeau in Cape Girardeau and Tour de Corn in East Prairie offer more casual, non-competitive rides.

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More than 30 public and private golf courses and driving ranges operate throughout the 23-county region. Area courses have hosted a variety of special events and touring series, including the Nike Tour, the Gateway PGA Series, and the American Junior Golf Association.

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Oval tracks, paved tracks, and dirt drag strips and other facilities operate across the region and host thousands of fans and competitors each year, mostly during the warmer spring, summer and fall months. Competitive auto racing on dedicated oval tracks in Southeast Missouri has been traced back to the early 1900s.

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The Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo (pictured) is among multi-day events on the annual rodeo circuit across the region. Traveling groups also make annual stops at the Black River Coliseum and the Show Me Center, and state and regional groups hold several annual events throughout the area.

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The Capaha Classic, the Steamboat Classic Triathlon, and the City of Roses Half Marathon are among dozens of local running events held across the region each year. The Cape Girardeau RoadRunners and Splitmaster Timing of Sikeston provide links and directories to events throughout the area.

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