ore than 90 high schools across the 24-county region compete in more than a dozen sports on a varsity level each year. Most compete under the guidelines of the Missouri State High School Activities Association, and others under the sanction of the Missouri Christian School Athletic Association.

Southeast Missouri schools and athletes have won hundreds of state championships in a variety of athletic competitions, including baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, soccer, softball, track and field, volleyball and wrestling since high school sports first began locally more than 120 years ago.

Much of the historical high school information on this site was gathered by Al Jackson, a longtime Southeast Missouri high school sports advocate and historian whose hard work allows us to share the great teams, athletes and stories of past years. Al died in 2018, and we dedicate these pages to him.

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Farmington's football matchup with Sikeston in 2007 was their last meeting as non-conference opponents. The Knights joined the SEMO Conference North Division the following season and won the league with a 4-0 record.

KIRBY LAWS PHOTO • photos@semosportsone.com

SEMO champions history

Beginning with the 1907 season, a SEMO football champion was determined among all of the area's football-playing schools. Initially, the team with the best record was determined to be the area's championship team. Starting in 1924, championship games were played among the area's best teams when possible to determine the area champion.

In some years, schools coordinated with others to form their own conferences, sometimes based on school size, other times based on proximity and ability to coordinate travel. Other years, the schools took it upon themselves to crown a champion, sometimes based on records or head-to-head matchups.

As travel and communication became more accessible area-wide, the SEMO Conference was established in the 1940s to include all teams from the area, and it was divided into two divisions (the Big Eight and the Little Eight, which at times was the Little Seven or Little Six) starting in 1947. The league was shuffled significantly in 1962 and changed to North and South divisions based loosely on geography (although to better accommodate small, new programs at Delta C7, Doniphan, Gideon, and South Pemiscot, a Bootheel Division was included from 1968 to 1974).

That format underwent occasional adjustments but remained mostly intact until 1981, when the SEMO Conference adopted a different three-tiered format with the Northern Division for large schools, the Central Division for middle-sized schools, and the Southern Division for small schools. A West Division was added in 2016 to accommodate Kelly in 2016 and Doniphan in 2018, bringing the conference to 18 teams.

Current divisions are Cape Girardeau Central, Farmington, Jackson, Poplar Bluff, and Sikeston in the North; Caruthersville, Dexter, Kennett, and New Madrid County Central in the South; Charleston, East Prairie, Kelly, and Malden in the East; and Chaffee, Hayti, Kelly, Portageville, and Scott City in the West.

2019: Jackson (N); Kennett (S); Charleston, East Prairie, Kelly (E-tie), Hayti (W)
2018: Jackson (N); Kennett (S); Charleston (E), Hayti (W)
2017: Poplar Bluff (N); Kennett (S); Malden (E); Hayti (W)
2016: Jackson (N); Caruthersville (S); Malden (E); Hayti (W)
2015: Cape Girardeau Central (N); Caruthersville (C); Malden (S)
2014: Jackson (N); Caruthersville, New Madrid County Central (C-tie); Malden (S)
2013: Jackson (N); Caruthersville (C); Chaffee (S)
2012: Sikeston (N); Caruthersville (C); Portageville (S)
2011: Farmington (N); Dexter (C); Hayti (S)
2010: Sikeston (N); Caruthersville (C); Hayti (S)

2009: Sikeston (N); New Madrid County Central (C); East Prairie (S)
2008: Farmington (N); New Madrid County Central (C); Hayti (S)
2007: Jackson (N); New Madrid County Central (C); Hayti (S)
2006: Jackson, Poplar Bluff (N-tie); New Madrid County Central (C); Malden (S)
2005: Jackson (N); Dexter (C); Hayti (S)
2004: Jackson (N); Caruthersville (C); Hayti, Malden, Scott City (S-tie)
2003: Cape Girardeau Central, Jackson, Poplar Bluff (N-tie); Caruthersville (C); Hayti (S)
2002: Cape Girardeau Central (N); Dexter (C); Portageville (S)
2001: Jackson (N); New Madrid County Central (C); Hayti (S)
2000: Poplar Bluff (N); New Madrid County Central (C); Hayti, Malden, Scott City (S-tie)

1999: Jackson (N); New Madrid County Central (C); Malden (S)
1998: Sikeston, Poplar Bluff (N-tie); Dexter, New Madrid County Central (C-tie); Scott City (S)
1997: Jackson (N); New Madrid County Central (C); Portageville (S)
1996: Jackson (N); Charleston (C); Malden (S)
1995: Sikeston (N); Charleston (C); Portageville (S)
1994: Jackson, Poplar Bluff (N-tie); Caruthersville (C); East Prairie (S)
1993: Cape Girardeau Central, Poplar Bluff (N-tie); New Madrid County Central (C); East Prairie (S)
1992: Sikeston (N); Malden (C); Portageville (S)
1991: Cape Girardeau Central, Poplar Bluff, Sikeston (N-tie); Caruthersville (C); East Prairie, Portageville (S-tie)
1990: Poplar Bluff (N); Charleston, Dexter, Malden, New Madrid County Central (C-tie); Scott City (S)

1989: Cape Girardeau Central (N); Charleston (C); Scott City (S)
1988: Sikeston (N); New Madrid County Central (C); Scott City (S)
1987: Cape Girardeau Central (N); Dexter (C); Scott City (S)
1986: Cape Girardeau Central (N); Dexter (C); Scott City (S)
1985: Cape Girardeau Central (N); Dexter (C); Hayti-Scott City (S-tie)
1984: Jackson, Sikeston (N-tie); Kennett, Malden (C); Hayti (S)
1983: Sikeston (N); Charleston (C); Portageville (S)
1982: Cape Girardeau Central (N); Charleston (C); Portageville (S)
1981: Jackson (N); Caruthersville, Charleston (C-tie); Portageville (S)
1980: Sikeston (N); Dexter (S)

1979: Cape Girardeau Central (N); Dexter (C); Chaffee (S)
1978: Cape Girardeau Central (N); Caruthersville (S)
1977: Jackson, Poplar Bluff (N-tie); Caruthersville, Portageville (S-tie)
1976: Sikeston (N); Chaffee (S)
1975: Jackson (N); East Prairie and Scott City (S-tie)
1974: Poplar Bluff (N); Hayti (S); Scott City (Bootheel)
1973: Poplar Bluff (N); Dexter (S); Scott City (Bootheel)
1972: Cape Girardeau Central (N); Dexter (S); Scott City (Bootheel)
1971: Cape Girardeau Central (N); Dexter, Portageville (S); Scott City (Bootheel)
1970: Cape Girardeau Central (N); Dexter, Malden (S-tie); Scott City (Bootheel)

1969: Cape Girardeau Central (N); Gideon, Scott City, South Pemiscot (Bootheel-tie)
1968: Cape Girardeau Central, Perryville, Sikeston (N-tie); Hayti, Portageville (S-tie); South Pemiscot (Bootheel)
1967: Sikeston (N); Malden (S)
1966: Poplar Bluff (N); Caruthersville, Hayti (S-tie)
1965: Cape Girardeau, Charleston, Poplar Bluff (N-tie); Dexter, Malden (S-tie)
1964: Perryville, Sikeston (N-tie); Kennett (S)
1963: Cape Girardeau Central, Poplar Bluff (N-tie); Dexter (S)
1962: Cape Girardeau Central (N); Dexter (S)
1961: Sikeston (Big Eight); Dexter (Little Six)
1960: Kennett (Big Eight); Dexter (Little Six)

1959: Jackson, Sikeston (Big Eight tie); Chaffee, Portageville (Little Six tie)
1958: Kennett, Sikeston (Big Eight tie); Chaffee, Hayti, Portageville (Little Six tie)
1957: Sikeston, Poplar Bluff (Big Eight tie); Chaffee (Little Six)
1956: Sikeston (Big Eight); Chaffee (Little Six)
1955: Sikeston (Big Eight); Chaffee, Portageville (Little Six)
1954: Sikeston (Big Eight); Chaffee (Little Six)
1953: Cape Girardeau Central, Poplar Bluff, Sikeston (Big Eight tie); Portageville (Little Seven)
1952: Sikeston (Big Eight); Portageville (Little Seven)
1951: Sikeston (Big Eight); East Prairie, Malden (Little Seven tie)
1950: Sikeston (Big Eight); East Prairie (Little Seven)

1949: Sikeston (Big Eight); Hayti (Little Eight)
1948: Sikeston (Big Eight); Chaffee, Hayti (Little Eight tie)
1947: Cape Girardeau Central, Charleston (tie)
1946: Caruthersville
1945: Cape Girardeau Central, Sikeston (tie)
1944: Jackson
1943: Cape Girardeau Central
1942: Cape Girardeau Central, Poplar Bluff (N-tie); Kennett (S)
1941: no champion because of war rations
1940: Sikeston

1939: Charleston
1938: Caruthersville, Charleston (tie)
1937: Jackson
1936: Cape Girardeau Central
1935: Charleston, Cape Girardeau Central (tie)
1934: Sikeston
1933: Poplar Bluff
1932: Cape Girardeau Central
1931: Cape Girardeau Central
1930: Charleston (large); Fornfelt (small)

1929: Cape Girardeau Central (large); Fornfelt (small)
1928: Poplar Bluff (N); Malden (S)
1927: Poplar Bluff (N); Malden (S)
1926: Jackson, Poplar Bluff (tie)
1925: GIdeon
1924: Jackson (N); Caruthersville (S)
1923: Poplar Bluff (N); Malden, New Madrid (S-tie)
1922: Charleston
1921: Sikeston
1920: Jackson

1919: Jackson
1918: no champion because of area flu epidemic
1917: Charleston (N); Hayti (S)
1916: Sikeston
1915: Sikeston (N); Caruthersville, Kennett (S-tie)
1914: Charleston
1913: Charleston and Sikeston (tie)
1912: Sikeston
1911: Sikeston
1910: Jackson

1909: Jackson
1908: Jackson
1907: Jackson

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