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Southeast Missouri schools and athletes have won hundreds of state championships in a variety of athletic competitions, including baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, soccer, softball, track and field, volleyball and wrestling since high school sports first began locally more than 120 years ago.

Much of the historical high school information on this site was gathered by Al Jackson, a longtime Southeast Missouri high school sports advocate and historian whose hard work allows us to share the great teams, athletes and stories of past years. Al died in 2018, and we dedicate these pages to him.

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Bootheel Conference Tournament history

The Bootheel Conference Tournament is among the oldest high school basketball tournaments in the state, although it was known as the Pemiscot County High School Athletic Association (PCHSAA) Tournament for its first 32 years. The PCHSAA was an expansion of the original South Pemiscot Athletic Association, which formed in 1921 and featured Braggadocio, Cooter, Holland, and Steele, in an effort to help coordinate schedules among local athletic and academic teams.

By the mid 1920s, more schools were eager to join the conference. As result, in 1924 the PCHSAA was formed with 10 member schools (Bragg City, Braggadocio, Caruthersville, Cooter, Cottonwood Point, Gibson, Hayti, Hayward, Holland, and Steele), and the league voted in 1925 to add a conference tournament.

In 1958, the PCHSAA was approached by Washington — an all-black, pre-segregation high school in Caruthersville — with a request for membership. The PCHSAA member schools rejected Washington's request by a 10-0 vote, and when Washington and the county's other all-black school (Hayti Central) contended that the PCHSAA violated its own bylaws by not including all eligible Pemiscot County schools, the league changed its name to the Bootheel Conference and adjusted its conference membership policy.

Consolidation throughout the Bootheel shuffled students and schools in the 1960s, although the conference remained a Pemiscot County-only league until 1982 when Senath-Hornersville joined to represent Dunklin County. Among other team changes to the conference: Cooter left the league in 1980, Portageville joined in 1988, Kennett joined in 1993, North Pemiscot dropped out in 1994, Delta C-7 dropped out in 1996, Malden joined in 2001, and Holcomb joined most recently as the final change.

2018-19: Hayti 74, Caruthersville 67
2017: Malden 65, Portageville 31
2016: Caruthersville 61, Hayti 54
2015: Hayti 71, South Pemiscot 66
2014: Hayti 61, Malden 55
2013: Caruthersville 88, South Pemiscot 66
2012: Kennett 91, Caruthersville 64
2011: Hayti 53, Kennett 51
2010: Kennett 73, Caruthersville 58
2009 Kennett 81, Caruthersville 77
2008: Kennett 71, Malden 66
2007: Malden
2006: Portageville
2005: Portageville
2004: Caruthersville
2003: Portageville
2002: Portageville
2001: Caruthersville
2000: Portageville
1999: Portageville
1998: Senath-Hornersville
1997: Hayti
1996: South Pemiscot
1995: South Pemiscot
1994: Portageville
1993: Portageville
1992: Caruthersville 100, Delta C-7 72
1991: Portageville
1990: Portageville
1989: Portageville
1988: Caruthersville
1987: Caruthersville
1986: Caruthersville
1985: Hayti
1984: Senath-Hornersville
1983: Hayti
1982: Senath-Hornersville
1981: North Pemiscot
1980: South Pemiscot
1979: Caruthersville
1978: North Pemiscot
1977: Delta C-7
1976: Hayti
1975: North Pemiscot
1974: Delta C-7
1973: Caruthersville
1972: Hayti
1971: Hayti
1970: North Pemiscot
1969: Delta C-7
1968: Caruthersville
1967: Hayti
1966: Caruthersville
1965: Bragg City
1964: Bragg City
1963: Deering
1962: Steele
1961: Caruthersville
1960: Wardell
1959: Ross
1958: Steele
1957: Wardell
1956: Bragg City
1955: Bragg City
1954: Wardell
1953: Wardell
1952: Hayti
1951: Cooter
1950: Deering
1949: Wardell
1948: Caruthersville
1947: Hayti
1946: Deering
1945: Holland
1944: Hayti
1943: Deering
1942: Caruthersville
1941: Caruthersville
1940: Caruthersville
1939: Caruthersville
1938: Caruthersville
1937: Holland
1936: Deering
1935: Holland
1934: Hayti
1933: Holland
1932: Deering
1931: Steele
1930: Steele
1929: Steele
1928: Steele
1927: Caruthersville
1926: Caruthersville

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