ore than 90 high schools across the 24-county region compete in more than a dozen sports on a varsity level each year. Most compete under the guidelines of the Missouri State High School Activities Association, and others under the sanction of the Missouri Christian School Athletic Association.

Southeast Missouri schools and athletes have won hundreds of state championships in a variety of athletic competitions, including baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, soccer, softball, track and field, volleyball and wrestling since high school sports first began locally more than 120 years ago.

Much of the historical high school information on this site was gathered by Al Jackson, a longtime Southeast Missouri high school sports advocate and historian whose hard work allows us to share the great teams, athletes and stories of past years. Al died in 2018, and we dedicate these pages to him.

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Rolla "Duke" Herbert Classic history

The Crystal City Winter Classic was renamed to honor former Crytal City coach Rolla "Duke" Herbert in 2012. The tournament is held each year in late November or early December.

2019-20: Saint Vincent 69, Scott City 50
2018: Saint Vincent 60, Saxony Lutheran 49
2017: Saxony Lutheran 96, Saint Vincent 65
2016: Saxony Lutheran 82, Saint Vincent 49
2015: Saxony Lutheran 48, Crystal City 44
2014: Crystal City 57, Saint Clair 42
2013: Saxony Lutheran 64, Sainte Genevieve 57
2012: Saint Vincent 39, Crystal City 31
2011: Crystal City 80, Saxony Lutheran 51
2010: Crystal City 60, Grandview 27
2009 Sainte Genevieve 79, Crystal City 70
2008: Crystal City 53, Sainte Genevieve 50
2007: Crystal City defeated Potosi
2006: Saint Pius X

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