ore than 90 high schools across the 24-county region compete in more than a dozen sports on a varsity level each year. Most compete under the guidelines of the Missouri State High School Activities Association, and others under the sanction of the Missouri Christian School Athletic Association.

Southeast Missouri schools and athletes have won hundreds of state championships in a variety of athletic competitions, including baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, soccer, softball, track and field, volleyball and wrestling since high school sports first began locally more than 120 years ago.

Much of the historical high school information on this site was gathered by Al Jackson, a longtime Southeast Missouri high school sports advocate and historian whose hard work allows us to share the great teams, athletes and stories of past years. Al died in 2018, and we dedicate these pages to him.

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Poplar Bluff Showdown history

The Poplar Bluff Showdown began in 1987 as the region's first tournament consisting of primarily out-of-state teams. Teams competing in the inaugural event were Poplar Bluff, Kansas City Paseo and St. Louis University High of Missouri, along with Louisville (Ky.) Central, Tulsa (Okla.) Booker T. Washington, Atlanta (Ga.) Mays, Little Rock (Ark.) Parkview, and Nashville (Tenn.) Pearl-Cohn.

Poplar Bluff is the only team that has competed in the event every year, and among local teams, Caruthersville, Malden, New Madrid County Central, and Sikeston have made appearances, although none have ever reached the championship game.

The championship has featured matchups between two Oklahoma teams, two Kentucky teams, two Tennessee teams, two Arkansas teams, and two Missouri teams.

2018-19: Poplar Bluff 69, Jonesboro, Ark., 68
2017: Poplar Bluff 61, Jonesboro, Ark., 59
2016: Jonesboro, Ark., 70, Chicago Kenwood Academy 54
2015: Chicago Kenwood Academy 47, Jonesboro, Ark., 33
2014: Poplar Bluff 52, Union City, Tenn., 50
2013: Jackson (Tenn.) Southside 106, Forrest City, Ark., 95, 2OT
2012: Jonesboro, Ark., 79, Jackson (Tenn.) Liberty Tech 55
2011: Memphis (Tenn.) Booker T. Washington 51, Maplewood Richmond Heights 50
2010: Soldan 74, Tupelo, Miss., 52
2009: Jackson (Tenn.) Liberty Tech 68, Louisville (Ky.) Ballard 62
2008: Jackson (Tenn.) Liberty Tech 73, Greene County (Ark.) Tech 42
2007: Union City, Tenn., 64, Harrison, Ga., 59
2006: Forrest City, Ark., 67, Vashon 47
2005: Vashon 71, Milwaukee (Wis.) Custer 43
2004: Poplar Bluff 67, Little Rock (Ark.) Parkview 37
2003: Little Rock (Ark.) Parkview 51, Poplar Bluff 43
2002: Little Rock (Ark.) Parkview defeated Little Rock (Ark.) Mills
2001: Vashon 80, Columbia Hickman 68
2000: Vashon 75, Poplar Bluff 46
1999: Vashon 63, Kennesaw (Ga.) Harrison 44
1998: Christian County (Ky.) 66, Kennesaw (Ga.) Harrison 62, OT
1997: Graves County (Ky.) 69, Christian County (Ky.) 43
1996: Vashon 60, Addison Trail, Ill., 57
1995: Louisville (Ky). Male 68, Augusta (Ga.) Westside 54
1994: Tulsa (Okla.) Booker T. Washington 72, Poplar Bluff 59
1993: Memphis (Tenn.) Hillcrest 83, Obion County (Tenn.) Central 71
1992: Louisville (Ky.) Pleasure Ridge Park 75, Poplar Bluff 57
1991: Little Rock (Ark.) McClellan 46, Louisville (Ky.) Pleasure Ridge Park 34
1990: Jefferson City 74, Oklahoma City Star Spencer 54
1989: Tulsa (Okla.) McLain 50, Little Rock (Ark.) McClellan 49
1988: Oklahoma City Douglass 66, Tulsa (Okla.) Booker T. Washington 62, OT
1987: Louisville (Ky.) Central 69, Poplar Bluff 63

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