ozens of short tracks and paved drag strips racing everything from stock cars to lawn mowers to motorcycles have come and gone over a span of almost 100 years across our region, and some still hold events each week in front of thousands of fans and competitors.

Our motorsports pages will be an evolving source of archived information, history, and milestones for the sport in Southeast Missouri.

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Auto Tire & Parts Racepark | 2004

ATPR opened in April with new lease-holders Stan and Ruth Myers and featured Sprints as its top weekly class, but the track closed abruptly in early June after a lease dispute led to a legal battle. The Stacker2 Xtreme DirtCar Series also pursued legal action against Myers after the track paid about $3,000 of an advertised $42,000 purse at a May 7 event. The track remained closed for the rest of 2004 and did not open in 2005 or 2006.

Stacker2 DirtCar Series Late Models ($10,000 to win): 1. Don O'Neal, 2. Jimmy Mars, 3. Brian Birkhofer, 4. Duke Whiseant, 5. Darren Miller, 6. Brady Smith, 7. Dave Eckrich, 8. Billy Drake, 9. Ray Cook, 10. Earl Pearson Jr., 11. Shane Clanton, 12. Billy Faust, 13. Steve Casebolt, 14. Jeep Van Wormer, 15. John Mason, 16. Kevin Weaver, 17. Steve Shaver, 18. Eddie Carrier Jr., 19. Donnie Moran, 20. Joey Mack, 21. Sonny Conley, 22. Keith Foss, 23. Matt Miller, 24. Joe Morris, 25. Terry James.

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