ozens of short tracks and paved drag strips racing everything from stock cars to lawn mowers to motorcycles have come and gone over a span of almost 100 years across our region, and some still hold events each week in front of thousands of fans and competitors.

Our motorsports pages will be an evolving source of archived information, history, and milestones for the sport in Southeast Missouri.

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Benton Raceway Park | 2014

The track again operated weekly on Friday nights with Joe Moore as the track director. Classes featured most weeks were sprints, modifieds, B-modifieds, crate late models, pure stocks, and pro-four. The track's biggest event was the Jim Hall Memorial event on June 27 featuring $5,000 to win for sprints, $3,000 to win for crate late models, and $2,000 to win for modifieds. Each feature was 33 laps; that event drew 31 modifieds, 28 sprints, and 17 crate late models from seven states.

Track owner Vernon Holiday announced the track was available for lease for 2015, but it has not operated since the 2014 season.

June 27 | Jim Hall Memorial
Sprints: 1. Jerrod Hull, 2. Tommy Worley Jr., 3. Brad Loyet, 4. A.J. Bruns, 5. Robbie Standridge, 6. Morgan Turpen, 7. Andy McElhannon, 8. Jordan Mallett, 9. Terry Gray, 10. Terry Wurst.
Crate late models: 1. Tait Davenport, 2. Kolby Vandenbergh, 3. Nathan Mays, 4. Danny Jolly, 5. Chris Hall, 6. Ronnie Cooper, 7. Tim Taylor, 8. Joey Schmidt, 9. Jeff Sloan, 10. Jonathan Rowen.
Modifieds: 1. Jeff Hall, 2. Chris Hall, 3. Chris Hayes, 4. Josh Sissom, 5. Hunter Jessup, 6. Kyle Stolzer, 7. Daryl Hay, 8. Tom Vogt, 9. Jesse Wisely, 10. Chad Kinder.

August 1
Sprints: 1. Mike Ward, 2. Scottie Gretzmacher, 3. Ryan Kempin, 4. Kevin Petty, 5. No. 360, 6. Carl Finder, 7. Joe B. Miller.
Modifieds: 1. Josh Sissom, 2. Chris Hall, 3. Jeff Hall, 4. Tim Nash, 5. Leo Kiefer.
Crate late models: 1. Danny Jolly, 2. Dustin Reese, 3. Tim Taylor, 4. Jeff Sloan.
B-modified: 1. Joe Giesler, 2. Kyle Stolzer, 3. Josh Sissom, 4. Kory Singleton.
Pure street: 1. Cline Meyers.

August 15
Crate late models: 1. Danny Jolly, 2. Tim Taylor, 3. Debra Hall.
Modifieds: 1. Josh Sissom, 2. Jeff Hall, 3. Danny Sissom, 4. Leo Kiefer.
B-modified: 1. Josh Sissom, 2. Joe Giesler, 3. Kory Singleton, 4. Chris Ellorecht.
Sportsmen: 1. Mark Todd, 2. Cline Meyers Jr., 3. Chris Webb.
Pro-4: 1. Kyle Jarrett, 2. Don Taylor, 3. Larry Faulkner, 4. Chris Bollinger.

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